About Erik Ledin

Erik Ledin of Lean Bodies ConsultingErik Ledin is a trusted leader in fitness. He began Lean Bodies Consulting to provide a variety of clients with individually tailored training and nutrition programs in order to help them realize their physique goals. Over the years he has helped clients globally from Canada all the way to Australia. As he has worked with people from around the world and has met the challenges of their unique dietary needs, fitness levels, and more, Erik remains dedicated to one thing: helping people achieve their personal fitness goals.

“People [striving for fitness] have to realize why they’re doing things. […] They have to remember what their source of motivation is.  Being prepared to pass on some bad habits.  Putting your goals on paper.  Carrying it around with you if you have to.  But making sure that you remember why you’re doing it.” – Erik Ledin


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