Fat Loss Foods


healthy lifestyle concept - good food, health and life -  reminder words handwritten of sticky notes Health, food and lifestyle go hand in hand. Master it and life is awesome

So just what are the foods that help you to
drop body fat??

Well in truth fat loss foods can be very
different from one person to another.

Some people do well off eating porridge for
breakfast, while others do better on things
like eggs and bacon

What you do want to look at is what foods
work for YOU, in terms of the stuff that
keeps you feeling full and not wanting to
binge out later in the day because you feel

We want to constantly keep our hunger,
cravings and energy levels balanced.

Do that, and by jo you have cracked it as you
become far less likely to overeat.

This is why meal planners work for some
people and not others.

And it’s this reason we now adopt a more
flexible approach…

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How To Get In Shape With Ease

Fitness training

Many individuals believe that they know everything they need to think about keeping themselves fit as a fiddle, however you can simply discover some new information that can kick your fitness standard up an indent or two. The compelling tips found in this article can help you do that, beginning today.

So as to get the most out of a fitness schedule, make certain to take a shot at your center. This is your stomach district, and basically everything aside from your appendages. It is critical, in light of the fact that this area is utilized to settle whatever remains of your body, and it likewise is basic to keeping up a sound back. Make certain to check with a specialist to figure out which center activities suit you the best.

A great approach to get fit is to begin eating more vegetables. Vegetables are pressed with fundamental vitamins and…

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How to eat healthy on a budget

Healthy tastes better than Skinny

As a student, I know first hand what it’s like to want to stick to a healthy meal plan, especially when bikini season is just around the corner. It can be tricky when it comes to the expense of certain ‘super foods’, but fear not as I’m going to share a few useful tips on how to get by when living and eating on a budget…

You don’t have to take out a second mortgage or start babysitting for extra cash in order to follow a healthy diet plan. £1 cheeseburgers and frozen pizza may seem like a good idea for your purse and a quick hunger fix at the time, but remember what Joey from Friends said “A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”.

Before heading to the supermarket, make sure you develop a ‘game plan’, this will help you to get organised and save money…

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I’m Going to the Gym! Or, Why I Exercise

Abigail Leigh Phillips

I get a lot of questions about my exercise habits, but recently it feels like people are slightly more curious. During the past six months, I become more active in long distance running and posting about my training and races on social media. This may be the reason for this curiosity. I love talking (and nagging people) about exercise and nutrition, so this seems like a good time to blog about my fitness fanaticism and how exercise has helped me as a PhD student.

I had no idea when I started working out during my Junior year as an undergrad at University of Georgia that exercise would become a life-long passion. Boredom is what really forced me to go to the gym. It was summer and all my friends had left for home. Exercise became something to do. Now, I don’t even think about whether or not to work out. I wake…

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How to change bad health habits


Changing bad health habits comes about in the same way that changing any habit does. Habits form when our bodies begin to expect certain responses to certain actions – it is not a conscious response, rather your body has become so used to it that it begins to perform certain actions or expect certain things without the person ever realising. The forming of a habit is one of the reasons that some experts prefer not to offer children food as a treat or reward – over time, and even stretching into adulthood, the body becomes used to, and in turn expects, treats or rewards.

Cutting Back On Drink


Drinking is a very habitual pastime that many men regularly partake in. You may not realise it, but a very large percentage of the population drinks more than is safe and many of them do so out of habit. If you drink…

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