How to eat healthy on a budget

Healthy tastes better than Skinny

As a student, I know first hand what it’s like to want to stick to a healthy meal plan, especially when bikini season is just around the corner. It can be tricky when it comes to the expense of certain ‘super foods’, but fear not as I’m going to share a few useful tips on how to get by when living and eating on a budget…

You don’t have to take out a second mortgage or start babysitting for extra cash in order to follow a healthy diet plan. £1 cheeseburgers and frozen pizza may seem like a good idea for your purse and a quick hunger fix at the time, but remember what Joey from Friends said “A minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips”.

Before heading to the supermarket, make sure you develop a ‘game plan’, this will help you to get organised and save money…

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